Elina Bass


Elina Bass brings over 6 years of extensive accounting experience, specializing in tax & advisory services. She leverages her foundational knowledge to provide meticulous attention to detail in tax return preparation.

As a Tax Supervisor at LMC, Elina assumes a multifaceted role, encompassing the preparation of various entity tax returns, including partnerships, S-Corps, C-Corps, and trusts. She also handles specialty returns such as Gift Tax and Non-for-Profit returns. Moreover, Elina excels in managing high-net-worth individuals, strategically aligning entity returns to optimize personal tax outcomes.

In addition to her primary responsibilities, Elina is deeply committed to client satisfaction, offering comprehensive year-end planning advice and facilitating informed business decisions based on the most advantageous tax rulings. She remains readily available to clients, guiding them through each step of their financial journey and providing ongoing support and expertise.

Elina is proud to be a part of the dynamic culture at LMC, where innovation, technology, and teamwork converge to deliver exceptional results for clients. Beyond her professional endeavors, Elina finds fulfillment in outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, as well as exploring new destinations and cuisines through travel.

I love to provide the best customer experience possible, it’s a rewarding feeling to see our clients’ business flourish.

Elina Bass

Education & Licenses

Bachelor's in Accounting, Baruch Zicklin School of Business