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Working Capital Financing

LMC Lending Services by The Bespoke Banker (LMCLS) serves companies across industries, who want assistance with their own lender relationships. LMCLS provides bespoke management to entities that are looking for guidance from reputable industry expert, Matthew Salmon, a lending specialist and founder of The Bespoke Banker. By alleviating the burden of dealing with financial institutions, LMCLS enables business owners to focus on what matters most - growing their company.

Our Approach

LMCLS by The Bespoke Banker will..

  • Fully understand what a business owner needs from its lending institution and what banks and financing companies are looking for.
  • Correct any misalignments with a company’s lender, its financing products, and the terms negotiated. LMCLS is well-known in the finance community and knows what the marketplace is offering.
  • Coordinate between a company’s finance department, its accountant, and its lender, to stay ahead of reporting deadlines, loan compliance issues, and working capital needs.

“You know how to grow your business, but you don’t necessarily have the time or energy to deal with your lender. A lending specialist manages your financial relationships, so you can focus on managing your day to day business,”

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Matthew Salmon

Improve and build trusted relationships

Leverage over 15 years of industry experience

Pro-active, not reactive

Industries Served

At LMC, we don’t just immerse ourselves in our client’s business but their industry as well. Our in-depth understanding comes from knowing the ins and outs of our clients specific challenges, the relevant opportunities available and what it means to achieve success. Our areas of specialties include: