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Trust & Estates

When it comes to estate planning, LMC has a team of experienced specialists who can handle the complexities of minimizing tax liability for the next generation. From strategic gifting, estates, and fiduciaries, to charitable trust tax returns, LMC’s experts can provide the vehicles to guide clients, while providing reassurance for generations to come.

Our Approach

LMC will…

  • Create and implement business succession plans 
  • Plan individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and qualified retirement plans
  • Work with attorneys to minimize gift, estate, and income taxes

Attorneys, executors and trustees

Business succession plan

Applicable estate laws

Industries Served

At LMC, we don’t just immerse ourselves in our client’s business but their industry as well. Our in-depth understanding comes from knowing the ins and outs of our clients specific challenges, the relevant opportunities available and what it means to achieve success. Our areas of specialties include: