Our Focus of Expertise

Art Galleries

LMC’s Art Gallery niche has evolved over the years, in which we have built a strong client presence in the industry. Transactions for art galleries are much more than just buying and selling art and involve solving tax and international accounting issues, similar to a corporation. Our team works closely with our art gallery clients to ensure art collateral is valued accurately for transactions and their business continues to successfully operate. Our clients range from galleries based in the New York City metropolitan area to galleries with a strong international presence.


Through our presence in the art gallery niche, we have been introduced to many of our client’s roster of sponsored artists. We are proud to represent professional artists for their financial, accounting, and tax needs as it is critical for artists to have good financial health and stability so they can continue creating and selling their art pieces. Creating trusted client relationships with artists has expanded LMC’s growth in the industry. LMC strives to support these great artists and to provide them with crucial financial advice.

After many years of horrific experiences at a NYC accounting firm, I finally took the advice of my financial advisor and switched to LMC. I am so relieved to have finally found accountants who value and respect me as their long-term client. LMC is always professional, accurate, reliable, and caring. I no longer worry about anything now that I have found them to do my taxes and I can confide in them on any issue. I enjoy and respect the way they treat clients, and I can rely on them for all my accounting needs all year long. I highly recommend LMC to anyone looking for an accounting firm they can trust.

Individual Tax Client


LMC is dedicated to support our contractor clients with the most up-to-date financial and tax strategies, specifically designed for the construction industry. In addition to traditional accounting, auditing, and tax services, our professionals provide clients with one-on-one, personalized service. We connect our clients with resources including financing, bonding agents, construction attorneys and other contractor professionals. Our team meets regularly to discuss the newest developments and standards affecting the construction industry, allowing for us to be proactive with our clients. Construction accounting can be very complex, so it’s important to work with an advisor that has the right experience. From large construction companies to specialty contractors, LMC has the knowledge to bring you the most advanced solutions.

Consumer Products: Manufacturing, Importing and Distribution

Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or distributor of consumer products, LMC can provide the assistance you need to move your company to a position of strength. At LMC, our experts will advise in this challenging market and strategize with you to maximize profitability, manage your profit margins and provide solutions that are specific to your business. We advise manufacturers, importers and distributors in various industries including apparel, textiles, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, luggage, home goods and electronics. We offer personal advice, that includes a large and trusted network of factors, banks, attorneys, import brokers and supply chain experts that understand the issues you are facing. We are able to prioritize your needs and can help you to recognize opportunities in emerging markets. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry and can keep you informed on issues that will directly affect your company.

We have been a client of LMC for many years and they really understand our business and have a great team of dedicated knowledgeable professionals. They are our trusted advisors who we rely for guidance, especially in the more recent turbulent business environment. In addition, they treat our businesses like their own and are always ready to help. I would be honored to recommend friends and business associates to join as a client.

CFO of Multidivisional Importer

Legal and Professional Services

Professional service and legal firms are always looking to maximize profits, improve cash flow and build value into their businesses. Challenges which impact firms in the industry include addressing costing issues, developing methods for key employee retention, sales and realization concerns, collections, and planning for succession or a possible sale, all while trying to provide the best quality service. LMC understands this perspective and has a proven history in executing strategies for our clients, who range in size from one person shops to multi-office regional operations, including attorneys, architects, dentists, doctors, engineers, environmental consultants, and other professional service businesses.

Not for Profit

Our Not-for-Profit team can help you to navigate the unique set of challenges and complexities that you face. The experts at LMC can advise in regard to financial reporting requirements, tax planning, tax compliance, governmental issues and any required consulting services. We work with a wide array of Not-for-Profit entities including charities, religious organizations, private family foundations, artistic endeavors, social advocacy groups and educational institutions.

Before even becoming a client, the team at LMC met with me and listened to my story. We brainstormed everything from business concept all the way through running financial models. I didn’t have a finance background, yet they took the time to educate me. They asked the right questions that forced me to focus my business model and get my company off the ground. The networking aspect of their service was important as LMC provided access to a wealth of connections and relationships in industries such as banking, administrative, legal, and warehousing. However, the best thing truly, is the relationship. I received personalized care and service. Beyond just numbers & financial guidance, I felt true care & compassion for both myself and my business on every level.

Owner of an Apparel Importing Company

Real Estate

At LMC, we have a large and knowledgeable team of real estate advisors and professionals. We work closely with investors, developers, managers and operators to maximize the return on their investment while minimizing any tax liabilities. Our creative and expert specialists will guide you on how to take full advantage of all the unique tax benefits available such as cost segregation studies, like-kind exchanges and qualified opportunity zones, while remaining compliant with all the required tax regulations. Whether you are a property owner, a developer or an investor, we can assist with the right financial advice in this volatile and challenging industry.


LMC provides a range of services to retailers, from small local start-ups to established regional chains. The retail environment is going through tremendous change and most retailers are looking for sound financial guidance on how to pivot from a brick and mortar operation, to one the includes on-line sales. Our experts can advise on the issues that typically effect retailers such as sales tax reporting, cash flow analysis, employee benefits, inventory management, coupon and gift card programs as well as general accounting and tax matters. We can also advise regarding sourcing of capital collateralized by inventory and ERP solutions. LMC is able to assist with the right financial guidance in the rapidly evolving and changing retail environment.