OUR Services

Tax Preparation, & Compliance

Tax preparation is the fundamental part of any financial plan. For LMC, it’s the foundation for all the services we offer our clients. From local to state to federal taxes, we are always up to date with the intricate tax laws. We are able to guide our clients to ensure that their business is compliant and strive to mitigate the risk of an audit.

Our Approach

LMC will…

  • Prepare all types of tax returns (individuals, businesses, trusts, estates, not-for-profit organizations, etc.)
  • Ensure your business is efficient from a tax perspective 
  • Handle any complex local, state, federal, and even international tax issues

Ensure compliance

Mitigate risk of an audit

Develop a tax-efficient financial plan

Industries Served

At LMC, we don’t just immerse ourselves in our client’s business but their industry as well. Our in-depth understanding comes from knowing the ins and outs of our clients specific challenges, the relevant opportunities available and what it means to achieve success. Our areas of specialties include: