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LMC Spotlight: Client Account Services

July 6, 2022

Maritza Ortiz

At LMC, the Account Services Department has established itself as a reliable team of accounting professionals. The overall goal of the department is to ensure the maintenance of accurate financial data. The Account Services team seamlessly bridges the gap between working with clients to maintain proper records and supplying that financial data to our audit team and our tax department. LMC’s Account Services Department’s core responsibilities include:


  • Servicing day to day financial needs to a variety of business, including maintaining general ledgers, bill paying, recording and categorizing payments, expenses and payroll transactions
  • Reconciling monthly and quarterly bank statements
  • Compliance with monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filings including sales tax, payroll tax, RPIE’s and commercial rent tax
  • Assisting with cash management services
  • QuickBooks software implementation and assistance
  • Creating organized accounting procedures


LMC’s Account Services Department’s goal is to work with small businesses and high net worth individuals that need assistance with their basic accounting needs. Clients sometimes outsource the entire bookkeeping function to the Account Services team, while others request that the Account Services professionals work in tandem with their back-office or bookkeeping team.


Maritza Ortiz, Director of Account Services at LMC has overseen the department since the firm’s inception in 2010. She has over 20 years of experience and is the primary reason that the department has continued to grow exponentially year over year. Business owners and CFO’s who avail themselves to the services of this department appreciate working directly with Maritza and her team, who deliver accurate and reliable financial data in a timely fashion. When asked about the success of her department, Maritza is quick to give credit to her group and the unified team approach taken by all the LMC professionals:


“LMC has become a family where we can depend on each other for advice and work together to help businesses succeed.”– Maritza Ortiz


Accurate and up-to-date financial records play an important part in the success of all businesses. LMC’s Account Services Department is a valuable solution to resolve many bookkeeping and accounting challenges. Added benefits include:


  • Saving on payroll and operating costs by outsourcing all bookkeeping functions to an experienced and cost efficient team who can jump in and build efficiencies from day one
  • Having a bookkeeper who’s up to date on the latest QuickBooks features
  • Having a team with a comprehensive knowledge of state tax rules and reporting methods
  • Saving time and minimizing paperwork by outsourcing the tedious and time consuming tasks
  • Streamlining processes with online portals that are cloud based. Records are accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Expenses and income are sorted, giving more detailed insights into a business and allowing business owners to make more informed business decisions due to the increased financial intelligence
  • Outsourcing the bookkeeping tasks frees time for business owners to do what they do best – grow their business
  • Having financials that are audit and tax ready. LMC’s Account Services Department can provide financial records that are appropriate to provide to accountants, the IRS or banking institutions


Keeping up to date on accounting tasks is essential. Please reach out to your LMC professional to learn more about our Client Account Services Group.


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