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LMC Employee Spotlight: Nessim Azizo

April 11, 2024

Nessim Azizo

Featuring Nessim Azizo
LMC Family Office Co-Lead


The Bottom Line was excited to interview Nessim Azizo, LMC Family Office Co-Lead. The Family Office division supports our high net worth clients by providing tailored financial guidance and transparency to families, empowering them to preserve and grow their wealth and legacy. Nessim’s extensive experience in finance and deep commitment to personalized client care have made him a trusted partner to clients.

What does your day-to-day look like?

  • Every day presents new opportunities to assist clients in achieving their wealth and legacy goals. I offer advice on how potential investments impact tax strategies, review estate plans, assist in evaluating new and existing investments, and provide monthly investment report returns using our proprietary software. Some days surprise me – and I’ll need to work with international tax authorities to reduce the taxes on a piece of artwork that a client purchased internationally. Other days, I will be making sure that a client’s passion project is well funded and operating successfully. The diversity of work always keeps me, and the team engaged and excited.
  • However, the most rewarding aspect is fostering deep personal connections with clients and guiding their financial strategies for long-term success.

What sets LMC Family Office apart from other family office services?

  • LMC Family Office is special because we really focus on what each client needs, offering a personalized touch we call ”white glove service.” Clients rely on us anytime for guidance through any situation, knowing we take our role as trusted advisors seriously.

How would you describe your team?

  • Our Family Office team embodies our firm’s core values of “raising the bar” and “teamwork.” Each member contributes a distinct perspective from finance and client success to deliver exceptional services. We maintain regular communication with our Tax, Audit, CFO, and Client Advisory Services teams, fostering synergy that enhances our ability to offer innovative and coordinated solutions. Whether crafting personalized trust and estate strategies or assisting clients in aligning with their charitable values, we continuously collaborate to deliver optimal outcomes.

What have been the biggest accomplishments of the team?

  • Our biggest accomplishment is seeing what an impact we can make on our clients. Our clients are incredibly sophisticated business owners but they don’t have time to keep up with their investments and the ever changing tax regulations and the associated impact on their trust & estate strategy. My team and I take significant pride that we can support our clients with a holistic strategy, ensuring our clients feel supported and have peace of mind through every step of their financial journey.

What are your growth plans for Family Office?

  • We see increasing demand for Family Office services and plan to expand our team and invest in technologies to support our clients’ goals, both short-term and long-term. We are currently hiring an additional Senior Analyst to join our team, focusing on delivering our suite of family office services. More information on this role is available here.

For more information on LMC’s Family Office Service offerings, contact Nessim Azizo at

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