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New Division: LMC Lending Services by The Bespoke Banker

November 1, 2022

LMC is excited to announce
a new division of the firm:


LMC Lending Services by The Bespoke Banker (LMCLS)


The Bespoke Banker was founded by Matthew Salmon, a lending specialist. Matthew has over 15 years of experience in the lending industry. He manages and leads The Bespoke Banker, the premier advisor in middle-market lending.


The Bespoke Banker serves companies across industries, who want assistance with their own lender relationships. Matthew provides bespoke management to entities that are looking for guidance from a reputable industry expert. By alleviating the burden of dealing with financial institutions, Matthew enables business owners to focus on what matters most – growing their company.

What The Bespoke Banker can do for a company:

  1. Improve and build trusted relationships.
    • Improve and build trusted relationships between a company and its lender. The Bespoke Banker fully understands what a business owner needs from its lending institution and what banks and financing companies are looking for.
  2. Leverage over 15 years of industry experience.
    • Correct any misalignments with a company’s lender, its financing products, and the terms negotiated. The Bespoke Banker is well-known in the finance community and knows what the marketplace is offering.
  3. The Bespoke Banker is pro-active, not reactive.
    • Coordinate between a company’s finance department, its accountant, and its lender, to stay ahead of reporting deadlines, loan compliance issues, and working capital needs.


The Bespoke Banker will take over the handling of a company’s lending relationships. They know how to determine the best solution to any issues that arise.  

Why would a company use a lending specialist?  

The Bespoke Banker can coordinate with a client’s finance department and their lender, to make sure they have the best financial partner for their business.  


“You know how to grow your business, but you don’t necessarily have the time or energy to deal with your lender. A lending specialist manages your financial relationships, so you can focus on managing your day to day business,” said Salmon.

Learn more about The Bespoke Banker >


Matthew often steps in, and, using his extensive industry knowledge, approaches each situation to balance the needs of his clients along with his understanding of what the marketplace requires.

LMC Lending Services Division

At LMC, we see the advantage of having a partnership with The Bespoke Banker. We are excited to provide this unique service to those clients of the firm who want assistance with their own lender relationships.


After working with The Bespoke Banker to advise LMC on a particular client’s lending relationship, Managing Partner Lee M. Cohen, CPA was impressed with Matthew’s work and the advice given to him by The Bespoke Banker.


“I had the pleasure of Matthew advising me on a client’s lender. He showed our firm everything from A to Z, from what the bank can and cannot do, their policies, as well as advising on profitability models and margins of error. We decided, as a firm, to form a partnership with The Bespoke Banker, in order to add a new lending service to our clients,” said Cohen.


LMC looks forward to this exciting partnership with The Bespoke Banker. The firm feels that this new service will allow clients to take a deeper look at their lenders, and provide critical advice and information to clients navigating this relationship.


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