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LMC Hosts First Whole Company Alignment Event

November 9, 2023

On Thursday, November 2nd our team gathered for our first Whole Company Alignment, an interactive presentation led by firm leadership, to introduce our team to the firm’s vision, promises and values.


LMC has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. As the firm continues to reach new milestones, it has become important to share with the staff where we are headed, and align everyone with the organization’s vision for the future, our strategic intentions and our goals. We had the opportunity to unite as a company and foster stronger connections within our team.


The Whole Company Alignment was a remarkable experience, led by CHRO, Brandon Smith and Managing Partner, Lee M. Cohen, CPA, as they explained the current state of the firm, the priorities we have set in place, and how we are planning for the future. Presentations were also given by Partner Thomas Procida, CPA, CGO Nicole Pollack, Senior Audit Manager Nick Grgas, and CTO Dmitriy Guller. We also heard from Evie Woodforde, the Regional President of Ascend, our strategic investment partner, as well as long time client, Meshulem Gelman.


Each presentation unveiled core values that form the underlying foundation of who we are at LMC – teamwork, raising the bar, integrity, serving the greater community, and creating endless possibilities. These core values are aligned with promises we are making to our clients, our employees and our communities that will shape the future of LMC.


We also revealed our new logo that encapsulates the firm’s vision: Dream Big | Go All In. Each employee received a hoodie highlighting this new vision, as well as a gift card, given in appreciation for everyone’s hard work and dedication. The event concluded with a delightful lunch of sushi, salad and pizza back in the office.

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