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LMC Hosts First Quarterly Renewal in 2024

February 15, 2024

On Tuesday, February 6th, LMC hosted its first Quarterly Renewal, an engaging and interactive session to highlight key initiatives of the firm, which is a continuation from the firm’s first Whole Company Alignment event in November last year.


The firm came together to reflect on our collective wins from 2023 and set the stage for an exciting journey in 2024.


Managing Partner, Lee M. Cohen, CPA, Partner, Thomas Procida, CPA, CHRO, Brandon Smith, and CGO, Nicole Pollack re-enacted the key milestones and accomplishments of 2023, including our partnership with Ascend, hiring 28 new teammates, and launching LMCGivesBack. Then, they unveiled the firm’s 2024 strategic initiatives to deliver on our commitments to our team, clients and the community.


A special announcement was made by Lee to honor and congratulate, Christopher Kotan, CPA, on his promotion to a Partner in the firm. Chris has been an invaluable asset to our firm, known for his genuine commitment to client satisfaction and his team.


After a delightful lunch break, the second part of the Quarterly Renewal continued with Amy St. Clair Day, Executive Coach and Owner of Amy Day Coaching and Consulting, as she facilitated a session on Enneagrams. An enneagram is a model which breaks down the human psyche into nine interconnected personality types. Prior to the Quarterly Renewal, each employee took an enneagram test which helped determine everyone’s core type and identified the range of behaviors associated with it. This provided fascinating insights into each employee’s personality.

During an interactive breakout session, employees shared their motivations associated with each Enneagram style. This exercise fostered deeper connections and understanding within our team. It was an eye-opening experience to see how our diverse strengths complement each other and contribute to our firm’s accomplishments.


The event concluded with LMC’s GiveBack initiative. Two employees were chosen to select a non-profit charity focused on a cause they care about and LMC made a $500 charitable contribution to the charities on their behalf.

LMC’s first Quarterly renewal was a success as laughter filled the room as employees bonded over shared successes and celebrated the unique spirit of our team culture. We celebrated our past, embraced our future, and strengthened our bonds as a team.


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