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Thank you to LMC Staff for a Successful Tax Season

May 4, 2022

Ephraim Fishman, CPA

We did it! Thanks to our amazing team at LMC we’ve moved past another tax deadline. Over the first quarter of 2022, our team worked very hard during the busy tax season servicing clients and keeping up with the continuous changes in tax law.


LMC leadership is extremely proud of our remarkable team for their commitment to the firm and to our clients, and acknowledges their tremendous efforts. It was a great pleasure to have hosted many in office events throughout busy season for our team to take a well-deserved break and socialize. Building a strong team culture, where everyone is valued and respected, is critical for the firm’s success.


Exciting rewards at LMC


We’ve extended the firm’s Summer Friday policy! As long as the requisite weekly hours are put in from Monday through Thursday, LMC employees can take Friday off for the non-peak accounting busy seasons. We are glad to offer this benefit so our employees can enjoy a 3 day weekend.


Vacation to Mexico!


At LMC, we recognize the value of our employee’s overall well-being and the importance of their taking time off to unplug and disconnect. That is why we offer our employees unlimited PTO’s. Without the proper time off for rest and relaxation, even the best of us can suffer from the stresses of a demanding job.


In an effort to encourage employees to take advantage of their vacation time and to inspire them to allocate days for recreation and to recharge, we realized we needed to think out of the box. That is why we have awarded all of our staff members an eight day, seven night Mexican resort vacation!



LMC grateful for everyone’s dedication and hard work so far in 2022, and know that keeping our workforce refreshed and rejuvenated is key to continuing the high level of service our clients have come to expect.\


Bring Your Children to Work Day!


April 28th was National Bring your Children to Work Day, and we encouraged our employees to bring their children to celebrate and have a fun day in the office! Throughout the day, employees and their kids enjoyed fun games and activities in our office including musical chairs, limbo, balloon pop games, karaoke, a ventriloquist performance, magic show, comedy show, balloon art, a cotton candy machine and pizza for lunch! This was a great event to end the month of April.


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