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LMC Workshop: Helping Employees Unleash Peak Performance

February 3, 2023

Over the course of any year, LMC hosts its share of technical training to hone our employee’s expertise and keep their skills up to date. While those are extremely important, the firm also wanted to sharpen our staff members’ soft skills. We therefore hosted an engaging, in-person training workship this week for all employees.



The program was facilitated by the organization Intend2Lead and focused on unleashing peak performance as well as proper time management. Intend2Lead is an organization dedicated to leadership development in the accounting industry. Brian Kush, a dynamic executive leadership coach and founder of Intend2Lead, presented on the two subjects and led interactive group discussions. In order to accommodate the entire firm, the training took place at an off-site space located near the firm’s office.


Part 1 of the session focused on how professionals can unleash their peak performance and explored how well-being and mindfulness contribute to an employee’s job performance. The session emphasized the importance of developing a peak performance plan. Brian explained the signs of burnout and how it can affect stress, work environments, and someone’s personal life. There were discussions and strategies about being mindful of stress and burnout, and about taking care of our well-being outside of the workplace.


Part 2 of the session covered two simple time management changes. During this session, employees explored common challenges that are often experienced in the accounting industry and learned strategies to optimize time. Employees were tasked to discuss challenges they’ve faced in managing their time and how they plan to implement strategies to improve time management in their work schedules.


The workshop was very well received and will hopefully be helpful in each and every employee’s personal career development.


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