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LMC Ventures: Bridging the Gap Between Investors and Sponsors

May 10, 2022

LMC Ventures is focused on bridging the gap between investors and sponsors. Our focus is on sourcing, analyzing, and sharing investment opportunities with our clients. The opportunities we identify come from privately owned companies, the larger private equity world, the real estate market – both on the equity and debt side – plus institutional products that fill a particular investment niche. Past deals have been within the following industries:


  • Real Estate – Multifamily, Office, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial
  • Real Estate – Bridge Lending
  • Private Equity and Startup opportunities
  • Cryptocurrencies and other alternative Investments


For Investors: We have a lot of different types of deals in the pipeline and we want to hear what you are looking for.


For Deal Sponsors: We want to help. We are always looking for new deals.


Want to learn more about our new division? Please reach out to Stanley or sign-up for LMC Venture email alerts:


Stanley J. Cohen
Stanley@LMC.Ventures | 917-583-9215


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